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Welcome to the Submitting Page. We only accept top quality vectors in our site. We believe that sharing is caring. Sharing your vector helps other designers out there and helps you to promote your work and image on the Internet.

Please follow these guidelines before submitting in order for your designs to be considered.

  • Provide information about yourself, name, email and personal website.
  • Provide your vector title and category as well as the file type the vector is created into.
  • Provide a description of what your graphic package contains.
  • Provide a high resolution preview image with a size of 680×556 pixels in jpg, gif or png format. This will be used in the vector page as example and re-sized automatically to 300×200 image thumb for browsing purposes.
  • Preview images should not be bigger than 500kbs.
  • When uploading your vector files they must be in a .zip format.
  • Vector zipped files must be 20 mbs or less.
  • Choose the license type that’s right for you.
  • Agree to the term of use.

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We usually take couple of days to review all submittions. Please be patient. We reserve the right to not accept vectors that we believe won’t keep the quality of the site alive.
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